Pro-Parents in Education

America cannot prosper without good education. This is why the radical left has become so intent on corrupting our children’s schools. They have brazenly displayed both their lack of concern for the well-being of young students and their desire to push their radical, collectivist ideologies on children through schooling. Whether it has been school administrators keeping kids out of school and forcing them to mask their faces or ill-intentioned educators disgracing the teaching profession by using their platform to push Critical Race Theory, the progressive effort to abuse public education has become very apparent.

In my first term as your state representative, I have made it a priority to improve Michigan’s education by protecting students from Critical Race Theory in their classroom and giving parents options for their children’s schooling.



My passion for the pro-life cause of protecting unborn babies lives has been a lifelong one, and I have remained an unwavering advocate of this cause as your state representative. We live in a nation devoted to the notion of freedom and justice for all, and that should include the most innocent and vulnerable lives amongst us.

My Republican colleagues and I have been active in this fight for the right to life, working to defund Planned Parenthood, ban discriminatory abortions, and outlaw research on fetal cell tissues. We will continue to work on protecting this right, especially if Roe v. Wade is overturned and the Democrats attempt to repeal Michigan’s laws banning abortion.

Pro-Second Amendment

The Founding Fathers understood that armed individuals are “necessary to the security of a free State.” The radical left doesn’t trust us to live as free and equal citizens, who can responsibly contribute to the defense of our own lives and property.

I have tried to be as active as possible in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights in my first term as your state representative. Democrats believe that this constitutional right is less important than any other constitutional right and that it should be discarded. I have used legislative action to push back against their destructive efforts.

Pro-Cutting Taxes and Lowering Gas Prices

With out-of-control gas prices and inflation at a 40-year high, it is time for government to lower taxes and cut down the financial burdens that Michigan families face. Joe Biden’s decision to cripple American’s energy independence and his administration’s spending spree have cost citizens immensely. In Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer and Dana Nessel are trying to replicate Biden’s failed policies by shutting down Line 5 and gutting our state’s domestic oil production.

With government policies consistently costing the people, we need to reduce the money the state takes from Michigan residents. While House Republicans and I have passed several measures to lower or suspend taxes in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer has consistently pushed back against the legislature’s efforts. I will continue to be a strong supporter of lowering taxes and maintaining Michigan’s energy independence.


Pro-Personal Choice for Vaccines

I wholeheartedly believe that people ought to have the right to make their own decisions about their health. Mandating or compelling use of COVID-19 vaccines undermines the self-government of Michigan citizens when it comes to their personal health choices.

We must protect personal freedom and personal choice for these vaccines. That is why I have been outspokenly supportive of a number of pieces of legislation that combat the tyrannical trend of vaccine mandates.

Pro-Religious Liberty

Religious liberty is a cornerstone for American political order, and it is a cause I care deeply about. It is the duty of the government to ensure that all Americans are free to exercise religion in accordance with their consciences, and not be forced to choose between complying with their faith and complying with the law.

Our First Amendment’s protections of the freedom of speech, assembly, and religions are precious, and I will always stand up for our Constitutional heritage.


Pro-Limited and Accountable Government

The Founding Fathers understood that government functions best when it is transparent and accountable to the people. Only then can we the people ensure that government’s powers are limited and separate. As public servants, we must never forget that our authority is conferred to us by the people. We are privileged to have been elected by you to do this vital job of governing, and we have an obligation to be as clear and honest about how we go about doing that job as possible.

I have introduced and supported a number of bills this term that increase government transparency, clean up bureaucratic misconduct, and reinforce the separation of powers in Michigan.


Michigan’s small businesses move our economy forward and help countless families, but high taxes, burdensome regulation, and intrusive bureaucratic involvement have made Michigan one of the most unwelcoming states for small business owners. These problems were amplified in 2020, when Governor Whitmer’s blanket, backwards COVID-19 policies crippled our economy and devastated the livelihoods of small business owners.

Those whose livelihoods depended upon keeping their businesses open despite the shutdown orders were slapped with penalties from the state. Those who complied with shutdown orders struggled to keep their business afloat. I have worked hard in my first term to help small businesses succeed by lowering taxes, cutting government red tape, and getting Michigan back to work.

Pro-Law Enforcement

Michigan has continued to face severe police shortages due to dishonest attacks by the media and calls to defund the police from the left. Because of this, crime rates have risen and our communities have grown more dangerous.

Police officers do not choose to serve and protect because they believe it is a profitable job, but their servant leadership, bravery, and sacrifice should not prevent us from supporting them financially where we can. As the Vice Chair for the House Appropriation Subcommittee on State Police, I have made sure that the men and women who risk their lives daily to protect our communities are well funded and well-equipped for their job.


Pro-Election Integrity

​The 2020 election exposed many flaws with our electoral system as we witnessed Michigan’s election officials commit glaring misconduct. Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson sent out millions of unsolicited absentee ballot applications without measures in place to identify fraudulent submissions. Election workers were illegally instructed by Secretary Benson to presume the accuracy of signatures on absentee ballots. Michigan’s outdated Qualified Voter File caused absentee ballot applications to be sent to deceased residents or former Michigan citizens that registered to vote other states.

Our form of government depends upon the consent of the governed, and violations of the electoral process undermine faith in government and call the integrity of our elections into question. ​ This is why election integrity has been one of the largest policy priorities for myself and other Republicans this term.