Meet Andrew

As the son of a police officer and the grandson of a Michigan district court judge, I was made acutely aware from a very early age how valuable a life spent in commitment to public service and protecting our laws is. Each of the major career choices I've made – as an officer in the Marine Corps, as a practitioner of law, and as a representative of the people – has required me to first take a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. Our federal and state constitutions are the best defense of our freedoms and our state Supreme Court must demonstrate this same unwavering commitment to our constitutional freedoms and structure of government.

The time I have spent as an elected official has been committed wholeheartedly to defending our rights from encroachment and adhering to our constitutional system of separation of powers. Nowhere is this more crucial than in our judiciary, and especially in the highest judicial body in our state, the Michigan Supreme Court. By ensuring that duty and honor are held in high esteem within our judiciary, we can reverse the declining faith in our governing institutions caused by activist judges and special interests abusing our court system. Our state needs justices who will not waver from their duty of upholding the Constitution, maintaining the separation of powers in government, and defending our constitutional freedom.