Meet Andrew

I'm running for re-election in Michigan’s 35th district to continue fighting boldly for the conservative values we all share. As a captain in the United States Marine Corps, a student of the Constitution at Hillsdale College and the University of Michigan Law School, a small business owner, a township attorney, a NRA member, a passionate Pro-Lifer, a devout Christian, a husband, and a father of five children, I understand this what this political moment requires - and I come prepared, experienced, and ready to serve.

Constitutional rights, defending innocent life, and respect for the rule of law are guiding lights for all conservatives, and those are the values my wife Lauren and I are raising our five children to believe in. Michigan deserves an experienced leader of strong character, principles, and faith - and nothing less. That’s the kind of leader I’ve always been, and that’s who I’ll continue to be as your Representative.